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Part 1 - "In which the owner of the list gives the reader much needed information..."

Purpose of the list
The Weird-Rock list was created because there is an extreme lack of support for Christian artists that perform strange music. There are many Christian artists in the music business, but many of them do not get the support many groups get. Radio stations won't play them a lot because they aren't in the top 20 most requested or the radio stations don't think they fit in with the goal of the station. The Christian music scene as a whole doesn't take these groups seriously. There is a rare occasion where these artists will get a big following from a majority of the music listening community, recent examples would be with Mark Lowry and Danielson Famile (who are really just musically strange, not as much lyrically), but these are too far apart. There have been numerous accounts when people have asked me what I liked and they've never heard of any of these groups. This is one reason for making this list -- not only to spread the word about these groups, but help myself and others learn of other groups. The other reason was to bring together the few that actually share this interest.

This list isn't limited to only those groups that do strict "novelty." Even bands that are primarily serious, yet have done strange songs or covers of songs of this type can be discussed.

This page was created as a resource for information, lyrics, discographies, etc., of bands discussed on this list. Any help acquiring information, such as lyrics, links, or even bands not listed, would be appreciated. This help can come from anybody, so if you have something to add, just e-mail with what you have.

History of the list
When the weird-rock mailing list was created, it was originally on the Cool List servers. While that list probably still exists because there was no known way to delete lists, the list officially resides on the ONElist servers. This was done because Cool List was nearly impossible to communicate with. Cool List only worked about 90% of the time, and although those bugs are probably fixed now, I felt that ONElist was not only more reliable, but also provided more options for the list moderators and subscribers. The list is now much larger than when it was with Cool List and more active than ever before.

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How to subscribe
Subscription is very easy! To subscribe now, click on the graphical link below. If you haven't registered with ONElist yet, you will need to do so before you can subscribe. They should have it so that you can register and subscribe at that link. To subscribe later, either come here and click on the link below or go to the ONElist site and go to Find a List and look in the Music/Christian category. If you know of somebody that has e-mail access but not web access, have them to e-mail me at and I'll add them to the list. They will only need to reply to a confiramtion from ONElist then. Note: This is a discussion list. You will get mail.

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Part 2 - "In which order is restored and additional information is given."

In this section, informational links to other pages on this site will be given. This section will grow over time and will include whatever is decided that this section will include.

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